It’s happening.

It’s here.

In less than an hour I’m going to be on a bus to Philadelphia where I will arrive at 1AM and fly away at 5:35AM. Like, fly in a plane. No, I am not sprouting wings–though that would be fun. I’d never have to worry about snakes again–creatures I’m not prepared to encounter in California.

I will continually keep this blog updated with my adventures. It will be daily. Here’s a rough agenda over the next 24 hours:

  • Megabus to Philly
  • Fly out of Philly, brief layover in Denver, and arrive in San Francisco at noon tomorrow
  • Pick up the car I rented and try to magically survive driving out of San Francisco
  • Drive on Highway 101 with no agenda. Literally. I will stop and see anything I want as it comes up.
  • Where am I sleeping tomorrow night? I have no idea.

Now let’s hope I can get through the airport without too much adventure. If you aren’t following my blog, make sure to do it to keep posted on all the craziness that awaits! I will be journaling, taking pictures, and attempting some really bad drawings. I plan to share it all.

Ready…. set…. #CALIVENTURE!

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